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Mulching Blueberries

Our blueberry bushes are mulched once a year. Mulching helps decrease weed growth, increase the soil moisture, and helps to decrease the soil temperature in the summer months. Mulching also enhances the soil composition ( by increasing the organic matter) and soil structure while protecting the plant, all of which are important for blueberries since their root system is shallow and lies close to the soil surface.

Check out the pictures below to learn how we apply mulch to our blueberry bushes!

mulch pile loading mulch

We receive large amounts of leaf mulch each year during the fall.

In the spring, the mulch is loaded into our row mulcher.


dispensing mulch mulched blueberry bushes

The row mulcher is driven between blueberry rows to disperse mulch onto the soil.

The mulch, which is a few inches thick, is spread on both sides of the blueberry bush.


Planting Our First Tomato Crop



In 7-10 days the tomato seeds that we planted in the above video are ready to be transplanted into larger containers to allow the plants more space to grow.

tomato seedling tomato seedling tomato seedling


transplanting tomato seedling tansplanted tomato seedlings

After germination, each tomato seedling is transplanted by hand into a 32 cell plastic tray.

The trays are then placed on the greenhouse floor where they will remain until they are ready to be planted in the field.



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