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Making a Blueberry Nursery

Once a blueberry bush has been established (old enough to bear fruit), this plant can be used to propagate new blueberry plants. At our farm, we generate new plants by making cuttings from already established plants.


In late January and early February we collect shoots from blueberry plants. These shoots are approximately 12-36 inches in length. Shoots are then gathered in bunches and arranged in the same direction (tips all facing the same way). The shoots are then cut into 6 inch segments using a saw.



Once cut, the tips of the shoots are discarded and the remaining segments are arranged into bundles of 50. Each bundle is then transferred into a wooden bushel (not shown) with moist sawdust. The cuttings are then stored until spring.


Rooting beds are constructed of peat moss and sand. These raised beds are framed out with wood. A screen mesh is added to the bottom to hold in the sand. Cuttings are planted in early April. They are placed in the soil at 1 1/2 inch by 1 1/2 inch spacing. A piece of wood with the spacing measured out (see blue arrow) is used to help align the cuttings.



Cuttings are aligned evenly thoughout the rooting bed. Cuttings are left in the root beds until the following winter.


Cuttings will root by the next winter. At this time, they can be transplanted into containers or planted directly into the field.


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