Over 100 Years in Business!

Our Farm History

Frank and Michelina Pastore established our family farm in 1906 with their purchase of 25 acres of raspberries and peaches in Camden County, New Jersey. The farm continued with Frank and Michelina's son Neil who expanded the farm to 35 acres. Neil farmed during the spring and summer months and taught chemistry and physics at Hammonton High School in the off-season.

In the mid-1970s, after seventeen years in industry, Neil Jr. left his engineering career to work alongside his father on the farm. In the late 70s and into the early 1980s, peaches became a major crop for New Jersey. During this time, Neil Jr. expanded the farm by increasing the peach crop to 300 acres.

Neil Jr. and the Atlantic County Cooperative Extension Agent Les Miller looking over peaches in the cold storage facility at Pastore Orchards in 1986. Photograph taken by Ralph Ginzburg.

An article featured in the New York Times in 1986 about Pastore Orchards peach crop during the height of the New Jersey peach industry.

In the late 1980s and into the early 1990s New Jersey saw a decline in the peach industry as a result of bad weather and an increase in peach production from other states. During this time, Pastore Orchards scaled back on their peach crop.

Neil III continued the farming tradition. After finishing high school in 1994, he began managing the day-to-day farm duties. Realizing that peaches were no longer going to be a successful crop for his farm, Neil III began to diversify the farm by growing 50 acres of vegetables and decreasing the amount of peaches to 80 acres. Eventually, the amount of vegetables grown at Pastore Orchards would increase to 275 acres. In 2003, Neil III once again led the farm into a new direction by planting 10 acres of blueberries.

Neil III and Neil Sr. planting peaches in 1978. One of the first blueberry fields to be planted at Pastore Orchards in 2003.

Today, Pastore Orchards is a fourth generation family owned and operated farm. Under the ownership of Neil H. Pastore III, Pastore Orchards grows 70 acres of blueberries, 70 acres of sweet potatoes, 60 acres of sweet corn and 75 acres of various fruits and vegetables (See "Our Crops" for the entire list). As for peaches, the initial crop for which the farm was named, 25 acres are still grown for the roadside market as well other local farm markets.

Three generations of farmers: Neil Jr. (left), Neil Sr. (middle), Neil III (right) in 1978. Neil III in his cucumber field in 2006.

Our Market History

Neil Sr. and his wife Eleanor started a small roadside market where they sold strawberries and peaches. During the decline of the New Jersey peach industry, Neil Jr. and his wife Bonnie expanded the roadside market. In addition to selling fruits and vegetables grown by Pastore Orchards, a variety of produce from other local farmers began to be sold at the market. In the late 1990s the market grew again with the addition of flowers, which are grown and sold in the spring. During this time Pastore Orchards also began participating in a weekly farmer’s market in Camden, NJ.

Getting ready to open the market with a greenhouse full of flowers in the the spring of 2010. Bonnie Pastore at Pastore Orchards roadside market in the spring of 2002.

Today our roadside market is open from May until the beginning of November. Our season starts in the spring with flowers and continues throughout the summer and into the fall with a large variety of home grown fruits and vegetables (See our "Produce" for the entire list).

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