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25 acres
1.Yellow flesh:
Yellow peaches are sweet and tangy in flavor.

*We grow two types of yellow peaches:

Clingstone-peach flesh tightly surrounds the pit making it difficult to remove.

Freestone- peach flesh loosely surrounds the pit making it easy to remove. Freestone peaches are popular for canning and freezing.

*there is no difference in taste between cling and freestone peaches.

2.White Flesh: (only freestone varieties)
White peaches are very sweet and lack the tangy flavor that is characteristic of a yellow peach.
Clingstone:Late June-Mid-July
Freestone: Mid-July-Early September
Handling & Storage:
Ripen peaches between 52-77°F. Once ripened, refrigerate peaches until ready to eat.
Nutritional Information:
Data Source: USDA National Nutrient Database
peach tree